Position Description

I. Background Information

Position Title:
Intern of Maintenance shop
GM Viet Nam
Job Level – To be fill out by HR
HR Contact
Completed by:

II. Purpose

Please indicate the primary purpose of the position and describe the major expected results or objectives and those major factors that distinguish this position from others.


This position is responsible to support Shop Engineer for:
- Update the MTS/TIS/TPM (Maintenance Task Sheet/Task Instruction Sheet/Total Productive Maintenance) in Maintenance shop.
- Visualize MTS/TIS/TPM at working station.

III. Areas of Responsibility

Describe the nature of responsibilities and types of decisions made. Clearly define responsibilities in order of importance and desired end results for each. Please indicate if these responsibilities are Local, Regional, or Global using the following definitions:

  • Local - within a country or neighboring countries with similar culture
  • Regional – within a continental region (e.g., Europe, North America, IO, South America)
  • Global – all regions of the world

Area of Accountability

Percent of Time

Local/ Regional/ Global

Key Responsibilities
Visualize MTS/TIS/TPM



Visualize MTS/TIS/TPM at working station

Update the MTS/TIS/TPM


Update the MTS/TIS (Maintenance Task Sheet/Task Instruction Sheet/Total Productive Maintenance) in Maintenance shop)


IV. Organizational reporting

Please indicate the reporting relationships with appropriate titles (where applicable). Please attach a detailed organization chart with the requested information.

a. Job title(s), names, person to whom the supervisor of the position reports:
Maintenance Shop Manager
b. Job title(s), names, person to whom the position reports:
Maintenance Shop Engineer
c. Job title(s), names, and level(s) of peers to this position.
d. Example of equivalent job title to the position, i.e. same level of responsibility
e. Job titles and levels which directly report to the position evaluated

V. Knowledge, Skills, Experience, and Competencies

Please indicate specific knowledge, skills, and experience required to carry out position responsibilities. Where experience is required, please indicate how much and what type. Please indicate the level of formal education (or degree) required by the job. Use the GM Talent Management Tools to identify the key competencies required (using Lominger process).

Good knowledge about Technical

Good command of English
Good computer skill (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, etc)
Ability to work under pressure

BA in Electrical Engineering/Student of Technical University,

Integrity and Trust
Ethics and Values
Drive for results
Process management