Position Description

I. Background Information

Position Title:
Material Control Specialist
Global Purchasing & Supply Chain - General Motors Vietnam

II. Purpose

This position works on:

  1. Inventory management at Warehouse (WH)
  2. Part by Part (PxP) Order Support
  3. EWO / BP/ PTR Management
  4. Reports & others

III. Areas of Responsibility

Area of Accountability
Percent of Time
Key Responsibilities
Report & others

· Monthly/ daily report to internal outside organization

· Also with other request for leadership team.

Inventory management at WH

· Manage inventory at WH at any time/ generate daily report

· Control defect, on hold, PTR, running change then sending out inventory warning alarm 1, 2, Min/ Max

· Physical count: daily (below Min or over Max) & Finance request (API)

· Manage actual daily receiving & issuing to match with Production demand, WH operation constraints

· Trouble Part Claim: issue, follow judgment & replacement arrival timing
(KPI: Build to Plan, Criple car IPTV & Zero inventory tollerance)


· Understand lead-time from Order to Delivery for all souces (direct ship, Lot CKD, local parts)

· Manage Optimal DoH vs Production volume forecast

· Release PRD/ordering/ 40 week forecast to direct ship, Lot CKD or local
(KPI: DoH, Min/ Max)

BP/ EWO/ PTR Management

· BP/ EWO: Participate in regular EIT meeting or get an information from EIT meeting result for direct ship & local. Receive BP information for Lot CKD

· Work with Manufacturing Organization (MO)/ supplier/ GM Korea or Homeroom to understand the part change

· Regular BP meeting: take lead to review with related functions to make PTR decision

· Manage running change on inventory at WH, pineline, supplier forecast to decide BP timing

· Decide safe PTR timing & Follow up PTR result/ documentation
(KPI: Obsolete part)

IV. Organizational reporting

a. Job title(s), names, person to whom the supervisor of the position reports:
Supply Chain Leader
b. Job title(s), names, person to whom the position reports:
Production Control Supervisor
c. Job title(s), names, and level(s) of peers to this position.
Inbound, Outbound, CKD Engineer, Buyer
d. Example of equivalent job title to the position, i.e. same level of responsibility
e. Job titles and levels which directly report to the position evaluated

V. Knowledge, Skills, Experience, and Competencies


  • Fully understand car function, part combination
  • Part by Part Order & forecast for both oversea/ local suppliers
  • Inventory Management for PxP
  • Automotive Production System


  • Creative thinking; proactive, result-driven, problem solving & decision making
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • Good/ clear communication skills (must)
  • Fluent spoken and written in English (must)
  • Sense of responsibility, eagerness to learn and work
  • Good office computer skill (MS office, website)


  • Graduated from Technology University (Optional)
  • At least 05 years of experience in PxP material management (Automotive Supply Chain is prefer)

VI. Contact:

  • Ms Nguyen Ha Linh at linh.nguyenha@gm.com
  • Hand phone: 0949 503 288