Chevrolet is proud to offer a service experience carefully designed to guarantee transparency and total peace-of-mind concerning all aspects of your vehicle’s maintenance. Experienced, professional staff trained by Chevrolet and genuine Chevrolet parts ensure that the quality of our work is never compromised.

As part of our Complete Care program, the Express Service allows you to get your routine maintenance performed quickly and efficiently. When you book in advance, two trained specialist technicians will work side by side on your vehicle to get your car maintained within 60 minutes (from when the Fixing Order is completed until the car is delivered to customer) for any type of scheduled maintenance work, so you can get on with your life.

60-minute Express Service is currently available at the below Dealers:

  1. Chevrolet Ha Noi (Hanoi)
  2. Chevrolet Thang Long (Hanoi)
  3. Chevrolet Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City)
  4. Chevrolet Viet Long (Ho Chi Minh City)
  5. Chevrolet Dong Do Thanh (Ho Chi Minh city)
  6. Chevrolet Giai Phong (Ha Noi)
  7. Chevrolet Newway (Hanoi)
  8. Chevrolet Can Tho (Can Tho)
  9. Chevrolet Truong Chinh (Ho Chi Minh City)

More Dealers will be added to this list shortly, so stay tuned for updates.

Kindly contact your preferred Dealer to book the service and get more information.



Chevrolet Service

We provide you with a low cost of ownership by offering cost efficiencies and competitive pricing. In addition, you will always be made aware of the cost of any scheduled maintenance or menu-priced item thanks to transparent cost estimates, based on clearly communicated prices.

The Highest Standards Of Quality

Our customers can trust Chevrolet to live up to the very highest quality standards at all times. We use genuine Chevrolet parts, specifically designed and certified for Chevrolet vehicles. What’s more, our experienced technicians and service department staff undergo Chevrolet training to keep them at the very top of their fields.


Your Chevrolet is designed and tested to provide you with years of worry-free driving. But every car needs a check-up from time to time to keep it in top condition. Find out when to schedule your next service in the owners’ manual or contact Chevrolet Dealers for more support.


Your owner’s manual is located in your vehicle glove compartment. If you would like an electronic copy, you can download one below.


High-quality genuine Chevrolet parts are original equipment parts specifically designed, made and tested to help you keep your Chevrolet vehicle running at peak performance. Your Chevrolet trained technicians know precisely which parts your Chevrolet vehicle needs — rely on us to maintain your Chevrolet with the same parts used to build it.


At Chevrolet we care about your peace of mind. If at any time you are concerned about your vehicle, and wish to check if it is subject to recall, you can do so by using our VIN look up below. In the event of a recall, you can rest assured that we will work diligently to communicate recall and program information to all affected customers.

However, we understand that our customers may wish to access this detail on their own accord. All Chevrolet vehicles can be uniquely identified by their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and we have created a simple, online look up, which can be used at any time to assess whether there is an outstanding recall on your current Chevrolet model.

In order to assess whether there is an outstanding recall repair on your vehicle, enter your VIN in the search box below (click here to watch the instruction clip on how to find your VIN). Once your VIN is submitted, one of three icons will appear immediately below the look up box.

Enter your 17 Digit VIN here:

How do I find my VIN?
  • The VIN can be found at door jamb, the floor on driver’s side and the instrument panel.

1If you have been separately advised that your vehicle has been involved in a recently announced recall, and you have been shown a green icon, we recommend you contact your dealer directly. In the event of recall, Chevrolet will work to quickly

identify all affected vehicles and notify our customers directly. In addition, affected vehicle VIN’s will be loaded onto this site, however this process can take several days and in rare cases it may take longer.


Should you require a recall repair, please use our dealer locator to find your nearest dealership and schedule an appointment.

All Chevrolet Dealers are equipped to handle recall repairs free of charge.


How can I tell if my vehicle has been involved in a recall?

To determine if your vehicle is involved in a recall, type your VIN in the search box above. If any recall repairs have not been completed on your vehicle you will be shown a red icon, prompting you to contact your nearest dealership. Your nearest dealership can be located via the dealer locator in the side panel.

Please note, that in the event of a recall, Chevrolet will work to quickly identify affected vehicles and notify our customers. In addition, the affected vehicle VINs are loaded onto this site. This process can take several days, but in rare cases it may take longer. If your vehicle doesn't appear on this site and you have concerns that it may be involved in a recall, please contact your preferred dealership and discuss your concerns with them directly.

If I haven't received a recall letter in the mail, is there still a possibility that my vehicle has been involved in a recall?

Yes, the vehicle specific information related to a recently announced recall may not be available at the time of the announcement. Recalls are issued by VIN and may not apply to every vehicle manufactured within a model year. There are multiple factors that determine if your vehicle is included in a given recall. For example, your vehicle could have been manufactured at a different time, in a different manufacturing facility or using different parts than those involved in the recalls.

Are there any Chevrolet vehicles not covered on this site?

Chevrolet provides information on this website for recalls announced on or after 2005. Any vehicles that were subject to a recall before this date, and/or after this date but have had the necessary recall repairs completed will not be flagged to return to a dealership. If you have any concerns around a vehicle manufactured prior to 2005 please contact your nearest dealership directly.

How do I interpret the numbers next to my red icon ?
  1. Shows the VIN number you entered, for verification.
  2. Lists out your recall reference number(s) for your vehicle
  3. Indicates the date the Recall Check database was last updated
I have got an yellow icon, what should I do?

It appears that we are unable to process the VIN because (1) it is either not a valid Chevrolet VIN or (2) it is associated with a vehicle that's older than model year 2005. Please contact your local dealer to determine if there are any outstanding recalls on your vehicle.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

It is recommended that you contact your preferred dealership and discuss your concerns with them directly. All Chevrolet dealers have access to the listing of vehicles affected by recalls. Dealers also have the correct repair methods, equipment and genuine parts required to effectively complete the repairs.

If after contacting your preferred certified service dealer your concerns are still unresolved, please call your local Chevrolet contact center at 1800 1058 ( Monday through Sunday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)