Position Description

I. Background Information

Hanoi, Vietnam
Position Title:
Supply chain specialist
Supply Chain /Global Purchasing & Supply Chain
HR Contact
Date Completed:
8th Aug 2017
Completed by:
Le Viet Hung

II. Purpose

This position:

  1. Manage Trouble parts that happen at shop floor and work for replacement parts to ensure smoothly production
  2. Manage shop floor to operate with safety, effective Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  3. Improve Short Lead Time (SLT) to meet global requirement
  4. Reports & others

III. Areas of Responsibility

Area of Accountability
Percent of Time
Key Responsibilities
Report & others

- Monthly/ daily report to internal & outside organization

- Also with other request for leadership team.

Trouble Part Report

- Receive Trouble Report (TR) from Shop floor (Manufacturing Office, Supply Chain), together with trouble parts then investigate the root cause (quality, packing damage, receive damage, etc)

- Prepare TR claim template with all required/ correct information

- Submit TR claim to TR systems (Kdms system)

- Follow up the judgement from GM Korea (2 judgements)

- Raise Purchase Request (PR) for all TR parts for early replacement. Work with GM Korea (GMK) to indentify replacement timing then follow up until Warehouse (WH) arrival.

- Offset PR cost vs Acceptance cost from GMK

- Report: report cripple status, pending judgement, production effected vehicle

KPI: Build to Plan, Criple car Incident Per Thousand Vehicle( IPTV)

Shop floor Management

- Communication: Implement all order from office which relates to shop floor.

- Facility: prepare budget and implement to improve facility (trolly, lamp, forklift, paint, etc..)

- Process: apply all process to shop floor

- Other activities: safety, GMS,..

(KPI: Safety, On time delivery, Run out,..)

GMS SLT coordinator

- SLT principle: apply SLT requirement at shop floor as coordinator

- Action plan: complete audit actions within timeline

- Training: provide necessary training to team members

 (KPI: Build In Quality level 3)

IV. Organizational reporting

e. Job titles and levels which directly report to the position evaluated
a. Job title(s), names, person to whom the supervisor of the position reports:
GPSC Director
b. Job title(s), names, person to whom the position reports:
Supply Chain Leader
c. Job title(s), names, and level(s) of peers to this position.
Inbound, Outbound, CKD Engineer, Buyer

V. Knowledge, Skills, Experience, and Competencies


  • Fully understand car function, part combination
  • Have experience on claim process
  • Leadership skill (shop floor)
  • Understand Automotive Production System

Skills & Competencies:

  • Creative thinking; proactive, result-driven, problem solving & decision making
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • Good/ clear communication skills (must)
  •   Fluent spoken and written in English (must)
  • Sense of responsibility, eagerness to learn and work
  • Good office computer skill (MS office, website)


  • Graduated from University in Engineering field (Must)
  • At least 05 years of experience. Automotive Supply Chain is prefer