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Chevrolet Camaro made its debut in 1967, and the legend is still going strong after five generations. Most recently, it made an iconic appearance in the blockbuster series Transformers. Camaro has never rested on its laurels – it continues to lead in its segment, racking up award after award in recent years. It continues to win over car enthusiasts’ hearts across America, and around the world.



  • 5-year Cost To Own Award – Kelley Blue Book (KBB)
  • Received 5-star overall vehicle scores from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • Top three “2014 Most Popular on Edmunds.com”


  • “Top10 Turn-On Cars” from Kelley Blue Book editors
  • “Muscle Car of the Year 2011”, chosen by Evo Middle East


  • Automotive Excellence Award from Popular Mechanics – Camaro wins “Best in Design”
  • “Sports Car of the Year” from FAMA magazine
  • The 2010 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award for Best Sport Coupe;
  • World Car Design of the Year at the New York International Auto Show
  • Named Interior of the Year in the sports car category by Ward’s AutoWorld
  • Road and Track’s list of New Year’s Coolest Cars


Camaro’s looks command attention, even when it's just sitting still. The bold, assertive redesigned front and rear produce a wider, lower and more contemporary stance. But that only hints at the incredible power that lurks under the hood, just waiting to be tested.


The V6 engine was chosen for the world-famous Formula F1 race - it is also the engine that Chevrolet chose to be at the heart of the Camaro. Producing an amazing 323 horsepower and 6800 rpm, the Camaro’s engine has the power and durability to impress the most demanding driving enthusiasts.

With Camaro, a simple drive around town turns into a tour de force. The independent rear suspension and variable-ratio power steering give you the kind of handling that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The chassis is tuned for maximum-control turns and handle transitional situations like a pro. A front-to-rear weight ratio gives you near perfect balance. Control it all with a steering wheel with top-level response and a sporty feel.

Come inside. Grab the wheel. The exhilarating Camaro experience starts — literally — where the rubber meets the road. And its 20-inch wheels make a bold statement that’s impossible to ignore.