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Chevy in NASCAR®—Driving the groove, season after season 

From its grass roots beginning on small dirt tracks and races down the Daytona beaches, the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) has evolved into the largest racing series in the United States. Even years later, its popularity continues to grow as one of the most viewed professional sports on television in the United States.   

NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series™ is where the sport’s crème de la crème show up to showdown, so of course Chevy is all over it, powering some of the top names in the sport. Since its start in 1947, Chevy has been the choice of many elite NASCAR drivers. Represented by Chevy Impala, which is modified for racing conditions and mandated specifications, Chevy puts its best against its competitors’ best, both on and off the track. To win, but also because the lessons we learn while racing become the innovation you find in tomorrow’s vehicle lineup.


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NASCAR drops the carbs and goes for fuel injection

The legendary small block V8 engine. It has led Chevy to the most wins in the history of NASCAR. That’s the most Drivers' Championships and the most Manufacturer's Championships – 9 in a row, to be exact.

The 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ season has had rule changes that make the Team Chevy engines more like the ones that are in the Chevy in your driveway. The major change is moving from engines with carburetors to engines with electronic fuel injection (EFI).

Another change is to move the radiator air inlets, limit their size and add a pressure relief valve to the cooling system, which allow the water in the engine to boil at a lower temperature. The cars also get an additional cooling system change that dictates a much lower capacity radiator.

There are aerodynamic changes to the Sprint Cup cars too. They're running a much smaller rear spoiler and a two-inch lower back bumper extension. Those changes take away a lot of rear down force, which is likely to result in more pack drafting and less pushing.

These changes have NASCAR fans buzzing, and Team Chevy excited to see how they play out when the green flag drops. If history is any guide you can find us talking about them in the Winner’s Circle.


Chevy’s 2012 Team

Hendrick Motorsports

Chevrolet culture racing Nascar picture

#5 Kasey Kahne

Chevrolet racer Nascer Jeff Gordon

#24 Jeff Gordon

Chevrolet racer Jimmie Johnson

#48 Jimmie Johnson

Chevrolet Racer Dale Earnhardt Jr

#88 Dale Earnhardt Jr.



Richard Childress Racing

Chevrolet Racer Nasca Paul Menard'

#27 Paul Menard

Chevrolet racer Kenvin Harvick

#29 Kevin Harvick

Chevrolet Racer Nascer Jeff Burton

#31 Jeff Burton



Stewart-Haas Racing

Chevrolet racer Tony Stewart

#14 Tony Stewart

Chevrolet Racer Nascar

#39 Ryan Newman

Chevrolet racer danica Pactrick

#10 Danica Patrick



Earnhardt Gannasi

Chevrolet racer jamie MaMurray

#1 Jamie McMurray

Cherolet racer Juan pablo Montoya

#42 Juan Pablo Montoya