Powered by great design, our cars are built to inspire the confidence to take on the road—powerful, efficient and always prepared for whatever challenges may come your way.

6-speed Transmission

6-speed automatic transmission with proven technology offers a smoother, more efficient drive.

Hill Start Assist

Hill Start Assist helps prevent your vehicle from rolling back when you brake on a hill or incline, ensuring you keep a safe distance from anything behind you.

Turbo Technology

Chevrolet’s turbo technology is as powerful as it is smart. Integrated right into your engine, it’s always ready to give you an extra boost of horsepower right when you need it.

Keyless Access

Keyless access with push-button start conveniently gets you in your vehicle and on the road without ever having to reach for your key.

HVAC Ionizer

HVAC Air Ionizer purifies the air within your vehicle by significantly reducing bacteria and odor. Enjoy fresher and cleaner air, whether you’re driving through the city streets or heading out of town.

Duramax Engine

Duramax Engine is stronger and more powerful yet quieter and much smoother. It offers more horsepower and torque then before, enabling easier, more confident hauling and trailering.

Remote Start

With Remote Start, your Chevrolet is ready even before you are. With the electronic key fob, you can save time while enhancing your daily drive.

Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS)

There’s no need to search for your key fob with this available feature: simply press the sensor on the door handle to unlock the door, and as long as the key fob is inside the car (even if it’s in your pocket), you can start the engine with the push of a button.

Electronic Power Steering

Electronic Power Steering (EPS) provides a more precise response and reduces vibration from the wheels to steering wheel. It is also more energy efficient, resulting in improved mileage and long-term durability.


Discover smarter safety and the added protection you get when you drive a Chevrolet. Conquer all the hidden dangers that lurk on every journey with advanced safety technology designed to ensure optimum comfort, safety and above all peace of mind for you and your passengers.


Stay connected wherever your journey takes you with intuitive features that put you firmly in control and in command. Enjoy convenience with simple technologies that keep you constantly connected with the world around you.