Steering Wheel Mounted Controls

Stream your favorite songs, get directions, and access your contacts without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Thanks to the conveniently located wheel-mounted controls, you get to enjoy more choices, all at your fingertips.

Audio Control buttons mounted on the steering wheel give you a wealth of useful features:

  1. Radio control, including audio source and channel selection
  2. Adjust sound volume
  3. Answer calls
  4. End calls or mute audio

Voice integration has never been easier. Simply tap the conveniently placed button and begin speaking to Siri or Google Voice through your connected smartphone.


    Stream your favorite songs, get directions and access your contacts simply by connecting your smartphone via USB
    or Bluetooth with Chevrolet MyLink.

  • Home Screen

    The home screen boasts a simple yet intuitive user interface that conveniently displays all the useful features of Chevrolet MyLink on the 7-inch high-resolution touch-screen display.


  • Radio

    Tune in to local radio stations.

  • Music

    Connect your mobile device via USB or Bluetooth to access all your favorite music from your phone.

  • Video

    Play videos on Chevrolet MyLink.

  • Phone

    Make and receive phone calls or messages using voice commands or through the conveniently located dial on your steering wheel.

  • Bluetooth

    Pair up to 10 devices to Chevrolet MyLink via Bluetooth.


Your window to the world is at your fingertips with an innovative infotainment system that offers convenience and comfort for you and your passengers. Long drives just got a lot shorter.