All Chevrolet vehicles come with a comprehensive factory warranty of 3 years/100,000km, whichever comes first. This bumper-to-bumper warranty covers both workmanship and parts, giving you guaranteed peace of mind if any manufacturing defects do arise. Your Chevrolet Dealer and their certified, trained technicians will carry out the repairs or adjustments needed using genuine Chevrolet parts. For more details, check your vehicle’s warranty booklet, contact us or speak to your local Chevrolet Dealer.


Chevrolet Genuine parts and accessories installed on your cars by our technicians at Chevrolet Dealers are covered by warranty for 1 year or 25,000km from the date of installation (whichever comes first). This brings you peace of mind and trust in our quality of parts and service. Enjoy your driving by using Chevrolet Genuine parts.

Non-warranty parts: Please see Warranty booklet for more details.

With 2 warehouses in the North and South, operating to exacting GM global standards, we guarantee the fast supply of quality parts to our network nationwide.


When you do bring your vehicle in for maintenance or repair, you can count on your Chevrolet certified technicians to handle all of your vehicle needs. From scheduled maintenance to engine replacements, nobody knows your vehicle better than these trained professionals. In addition, all warranty repairs are performed using genuine Chevrolet parts, designed and manufactured for your specific Chevrolet vehicle.


While your warranty covers most unexpected failures that may occur, it does not include the regular maintenance visits that are required for all vehicles. Regular servicing with your Chevrolet Dealer is important to keep your engine and critical components performing at their best, so that your Chevrolet is always ready to help you find new roads. For more information, check the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle in the owners’ manual or contact Chevrolet Dealers for more support.


With a little care and attention, your Chevrolet is fit not just for years but for generations. Whether it’s getting acquainted with your owner’s manual, scheduling regular services and using genuine parts or performing simple maintenance at home, the high quality of Chevrolet design ensures that your car is with you for the long haul.


Our goal is always to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, so if you ever have a problem — either during or after the warranty period — that is not resolved to your satisfaction, please speak to a member of your Dealer’s management team.


If you have any trouble with your vehicle while away from home, you can bring your vehicle into any authorized Chevrolet Dealership to have warranty repairs performed. This is part of our promise to help take care of you and your Chevrolet vehicle from the time you walk into a Chevrolet Dealership to the very last trip you take in your vehicle.